School for Parents

The most important thing in the world is our own children! But often, due to lack of enough knowledge on what to do in certain situations, we, parents, make mistakes, and after that we regret. We can be more helpful to our children and make right decisions.

Often we have so much knowledge and information of how to be parents, but we cannot easily practice them in our daily lives. Then we need a conversation in order to share or advice one another; we definitely need support or individual approach. Let’s not forget that, even in case of twins or triplets, every single child is unique and often very useful advice and practices for one family are quite undesirable or ineffective, in some cases.

The school for parents includes training sessions, lectures, learning games, cognitive tests and practical activities on different themes that are often initiated by the parents themselves. It will give you the opportunity to learn how to mold and to deal with problematic situations in the daily life of your own child, or may learn just how to organize your busy week to ensure balance and harmony between adults and children.

(Български) Тренинг за ефективно родителство за родители с деца до 6 години

(Български) Родителският тренинг “ Систематичен тренинг за ефективно родителство“ произлиза от Америка и е водещ както там, така и в Европа. Концепцията му е базирана на научните проучвания на Алфред Адлер и Рудолф Драикурс и бива развит като систематичен тренинг от фамилните психолози Др. Дон Динкмайер и Др. Гари Маккей. Тренингът се състои от седем теми, които могат да бъдат взети наведнъж и по отделно.