Primary School

This is a school where children are taught to develop their strengths and to be successful not only in their studies, but in life as a whole.

“Svetlina” is the only school where:
Learning is fun! The food is healthy! A game is a tribute! Sport is life! Art is everyday! The teacher is a friend! Parents are students! The child is a partner!

  • It is the only school where children DO NOT study textbooks from morning till night!
  • It is the only school where children learn how to enjoy their childhood, and in this way, they develop not only their intellectual capacity, but also their own social commitment and emotional comfort at the same time!
  • It is the only school where rules and values ​​are respected!
  • It is the only school where, for the teacher, it is important not only the children to have learned their lessons, but also to leave school freed from strain!
  • It is the only school where children are taught to develop their strengths and to be successful not only with studies!
  • In our school, children are not only loved; they are happy, healthy, educated, tolerant and independent!
  • Parents are calm, satisfied, professionally stable and very proud of their own children.
EDUCATION- read more
Private school “Svetlina” is a bilingual school with parallel teaching in Bulgarian and in English at classes. The school is a member of the Association of Cambridge Schools in Bulgaria and is in partnership with “Pedagogy 3000” – the education of the future.
School “Svetlina” works throudht most modern international educational methods and uses innovative teaching methods and techniques, mind mapping, Suggestopedia, mnemonics, holistic activities and much more. The aim of the education is to build creative personalities through integrative techniques and entirely in the spirit of positive psychology. We organize additional activities like cangoo jumps, capoeira, yoga, organic gardening, robotics, dancing and relaxing activities, which are in favour and a very important part of the overall development of the children themselves.
Private educational complex “Svetlina” believes that every child has talent in any field of human knowledge. Therefore, the variety of activities at school age is particularly important as the discovery of the talents of children and their development in different areas. That‘s why besides the author’s educational program “Svetlina” offer additional clubs:

JUMP math
Jump Math is a methodology for teaching mathematics developed by John Meytan , a prominent mathematician from the University of Toronto. The main goal is children to understand math easier and to become their favorite subject.

Art Academy
Art academy is an educational project designed for children and students from three to fifteen years old. The young artists will have the opportunity to paint, to experiment and to have fun under the care of specialists from the National Art Academy. They will also have the rare chance to communicate with famous and active artists, applied artists, craftsmen and others. Classes cover the specialized sectors of fine and applied arts, modeling, graphics and collage art from recycled materials, plus natural systems combined with techniques from natural materials.

Theatre and Drama Club
The Theatre and Drama Club is a creative laboratory for children with artistic inclinations and interests in arts, dance and music ,and they have, or would like to develop, great improvisational capabilities. The objective is the discovery and development of young talent with skills and talents, enrichment of their values, development of artistic flair, figurative thinking and imagination. Here, the main goal is, through theater and art tools put together, not only the education process will be supported and encouraged, but also harmony between the extensively rich inner world of the child and hectic modern technocratic communication, be achieved.

Music in the children’s world
Here we have classes in piano, synthesizer, guitar (classical and electric), bass guitar, drums and musical theory. Specialists from the National Conservatory help children to develop artistic sense, help the children to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of music. The school aims to enrich the general culture of the children while they get educated in human ethics, to inspire courage in their own capabilities, to further train and develop their own imagination and fantasy, which paves way for them to freely expression their own emotions.

Dance Club
Self-esteem, good physical shape, subtlety and grace, upright, graceful gait can be achieved with the help of dancing. In the dancing club, children can learn the basics of classical and modern ballet, folk dancing, Latin dancing and zumba, dancing and fiery, etc. And when combined with makeup, hair style, costume and experience of the stage fright, it is memorable, and later, the gained experience opens many doors to success.

Virtues Club
The most important parents’ and teachers’ engagement is to convey the main virtues to children. In this club, kids learn the language of integrity and self-esteem, and in this way, they discover different.

Early Financial Education Club
It is an original program based on the bestselling book by Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Kid, Smart Kid,” as well as an entertainment on the children’s version of the game “Streams of Money.” In this club children develop practical skills and leadership qualities through many games and fun. Sophisticated things like what money is, how to use it and its management, are explained in an easy and interesting way. Children learn about different professions, their pros and cons, and also about what charity is, as well as personal savings. They also learn to make a difference between things that are required and things that are necessary. In due course, they learn about more complex issues, yet useful

Sports Club
Sports that are offered as optional and additional clubs are many and of a big variety. Families can choose from football, artistic and aesthetic gymnastics, capoeira, aikido, tennis, Kangoo jumps, skiing and snowboarding, skating, swimming, athletics or tourism.

Brain Gym Club
This is an innovative method, which is founded on the principle that the deliberate movement leads to the higher educational results. It is a new type of motor program which, through interesting games and plays, unnoticeably develops maximum mental capacity of the children.

External Camps
Throughout the year, private educational complex “Svetlina” organizes camps on different interesting educational topics. The programs are tailored to the age of the children and they cover different levels of development – educational, sports and other activities.

We organize:

  • Scout School
  • Surf School
  • School of Science / Science camp /
  • School of History / History camp /
Opening hours (from Monday to Friday) are  from 7:30 to 18:00; we also offer extended hours according to individual requirements and needs of the family. We work on a schedule agreed with the parents and we will wait at the end of the day, if you are late to pick up the child.

Non-working days for us are all holidays of the Republic of Bulgaria; yet we offer an option for the care of children even then.

The school year in “Svetlina” is from the 1st of September to 30th June. During the months of July and August we organize summer school and payments for attendance of a child are done based on a daily basis.

DAYLY PROGRAM – It is consistent with the needs of the age concerning active pursuits, nutrition and rest.

7:30 to 08:20 – Reception of pupils.
8:45 to 9:00 – Morning gymnastics, yoga, laughting therapy
09:05 to 09:30 – Delicious breakfast
9:35 to 10:45 – Educational activities based on the original program of “Svetlina” and the program for the Ministry of Education
10:30 – 10:45 – Breakfast – fruit or / raw food /
11:00 to 11:45 – Outdoor games
12:00 to 12:30 – Hot Lunch
12:45 to 15:30 – Sleep Time
15:45 to 16:00 – Snacks
16:15 to 16:45 – Additional activities based on the child’s interests
17:00 – 18:00 – Outdoor games and sending out of the children back home.

We offer an individual diet, which complies with the pediatrician or family. This includes allergies, chronic diseases and others.

Children eat four times a day:

  • Morning breakfast
  • Interim breakfast with fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Lunch with a three course menu: soup, main dish, dessert
  • Snacks

The food is nutritious and is fully consistent with the age requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Health. Our goal is to provide children with a properly balanced and healthy diet including lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Early addiction to environmentally friendly food and good table manners are also among our major priorities too.

TRANSPORT - read more
Private kindergarten “Svetlina” offers children a special transport service from “door to door”. The transport can be one-way or two-way. This service is separately paid for, on top of the regular tuition fee.
RECEPTION - read more
Reception in private educational complex “Svetlina” takes place all year-round whenever there are vacancies in a corresponding group. In case there are no vacancies,  a waiting list is made.

Initially, a meeting is held with parents in their chosen location with a manager or director. The purpose of the meeting is for the parents to familiarize themselves with the policies of “Svetlina”  and to create a more effective partnership with the kindergarten in the name of the children.
The purpose of these meetings, on one hand, is for the parents to walk around the bases and personally feel the atmosphere of the educational institution; and on the other hand, both sides thoroughly exchange thoughts, policies, vision and values ​​to be followed for the future happiness and success of the little man.
The next steps are signing of a contract for educational services, filling out of the registration form and handing in of  a set of documents from parents, including the medical tests’ results, birth certificates, declarations supporting the policies of “Svetlina”.
Just before registration, parents receive the original tale of “Svetlina” with which we help children in advance well before their socialization. We also provide a program for parents. In it there is a collection of opinions and recommendations of many experts – psychologists, pedagogues, sociologists and parents for easy and seamless integration in the children’s team.
Reservation of a place for a child is done by signing of a contract for pedagogical service and payment of an amount equal to one monthly fee that is used in the last month of training with us in “Svetlina”.

FEEDBACK - read more

Private school “Svetlina” has a very well developed system for feedback parents, delivered in different ways and with different methods.

  • Oral feedback – daily with main teachers or weekly with the operational administrator.
  • Online feedback – each parent receives a password to access the personal account of the child. We publishes weekly food menu, photos of various events and experiences of the child, information for upcoming events and celebrations of the group, articles related to education, health and upbringing.
  • At the end of each week we posted a weekly characteristic written by teachers.

There is an all-year-round monitoring of each child and his/her parents. We offer a possibility, even up to three times a year, for you to hold a private meeting with the director or manager, who sums up the available results gathered by all professionals and teachers working with your child.

“Open Days” are organized once per year and parents that wish to, may attend and directly observe their child in a classroom environment right in class. We encourage positive relationships between parents and teachers, for in this way, we together create the best positive environment that the children need.