Веселина Радкова

Veselina Radkova -Founder and Owner of the Private Educational Complex “Svetlina”

The team of Private Educational Complex “Svetlina” is international and is a group of different specialists. In this team at “Svetlina”, there are teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, art professionals, music teachers, coaches in various kinds of sports, medical team, technical experts and administrators, and Montessori teachers. The top priority in our selection is, to work with a lot of desire and love for the children. And, besides that, one should have a creative and innovative way of thinking and approach. Teachers in Private Educational Complex “Svetlina” have to create an environment for the development conducive for more discoveries and uplifting of creative abilities in the children.







Magdalena Dimitrova – Operations Director

Anna Borislavova- Operations Manager

Mariana Filipova- Creative Manager

Margaret Georgieva- Director of Nursery and Kindergarten” Svetlina”

Ralitsa Voinova– School Director

Vesela Sokolovska- Psychologist and Head Teacher in Elementary School

Trudy Haralampiev – Head Teacher in Primary School

Katya Nikolova-Head of the Medical Team of Speech Therapists and Psychologists