Please contact our communication manager on +359 895 560 647 or at: to check for places in the preferred location and group. If there are no places, we will put you on the waiting list and contact you as soon as possible., за да провери за желаната от Вас локация и група. Ако нямаме места, ще Ви запишем в списък на чакащите и ще се свържем с Вас при първа възможност.

The maximum number of children in a group is 12. We’ve found out that this is the optimal option for children to be able to socialise while, at the same time, they receive the necessary attention and enjoy an individual approach.

Yes, we offer this option, too. The price is 70% of the regular fee.


No, you won’t.

Our working hours start at 8 am and end at 6 pm. You can also pick up your child later, however, an additional negotiation and an extra payment are required.

There is no age threshold but the child must be able to walk steadily.

Yes, we do.

Children eat four times a day:


Brunch with fresh fruits and vegetables

Three-course lunch – soup, main dish, dessert


The food is nutritious and entirely tailored to the needs of the age and regulations of the Ministry of Health. Our goal is to provide a properly balanced and healthy diet for our children, including many seasonal fruits and vegetables. Getting used to healthy nutrition at an early age and good table manners are also some of our priorities.

We also offer an individual diet tailored to the requirements of the family or the pediatrician: in case of allergies, chronic diseases, etc.

Svetlina offers specialised door-to-door children’s transportation. It can be one-way or two-way transportation. This service is paid extra and is not included in the tuition fee.

There is an opportunity to study an additional language which builds on the bilingual education.


Private Innovative School

As a holistic school, we offer education aimed at the complex development of personality focusing on the acquisition of a set of skills which will help the child adapt to the fast changes and dynamics in our living conditions. Our educational institution strives to provide protection, peace of mind and an adequate modern educational process with innovative methods both in face-to-face learning and digital learning.

Every day, we direct pupils to conscious learning, independence, teamwork and tolerance, emotional intelligence, physical and mental health because the availability of the entire package of human virtues is highly necessary in our modern world.

The focus for us is placed on the three equal sides of this process – parents, teachers and students – and the fact that they should have the tools necessary to interact at any time and a variety of communication opportunities. There are a lot of individual differences and we take these into account both in children and their parents.

Our team consists of qualifies educators, philologists, psychologists, sport instructors, music and art specialists who support and mentor the child throughout his or her period of development and training.

We believe that we cannot prepare the future for students but we are ready to prepare students for their future!

⎫ You can express your wish for admission to Svetlina Private Primary School through the application platform or you can contact a communication manager on: +359 897 820 996 or at:
Форма за кандидатстване:

At Svetlina School, we aim to provide pupils with a balanced daily routine. To achieve this, we have prepared a program that meets all modern requirements for a healthy lifestyle and training.

School day schedule:

8:00 AM – 8:20 AM – Reception of pupils

8:15 AM – 8:25 AM – Morning exercise

* Morning exercise in the form of gymnastics improves the tone, mood and emotional attitudes to start the school day.

Start of classes

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Morning classes

12:30 PM – 02:00 PM – Lunch and outdoor games

02:10 PM – 03:30 PM – Self-study

*During the self-study period, pupils prepare their homework in the presence of a teacher. They learn how to plan their own tasks and be self-organised and self-responsible.

03:30 PM – 05:30 PM – Interest clubs

*The interest clubs in Svetlina offer a wide range of possibilities for the development of the talents and skills of every child. Pupils have the opportunity to develop and practice their interests and talents in various types of art such as music, acting, fine arts and art activities, as well as in sports, exact and logical sciences, language culture, etc. 

04:00 PM – 05:50 PM – Saying goodbye to pupils

The integration of foreign languages is possible from early childhood when children have the opportunity to learn a foreign language by playing games, through their daily communication with them. At Svetlina Private Primary School, the English language is widely taught and represented in school life both in the various educational subjects and in the rest periods and breaks, camps, celebrations and all school activities. 

Here are the most important benefits of bilingual education which enable pupils to:

  • Enrich and upgrade their lexical fund in specific areas (subjects)
  • Develop their language culture
  • Practice English all day long in their daily communication in the school environment and reduce their anxiety when using the foreign language.
  • Improve their communication skills by participating in international competitions in English debates (The World Scholar’s Cup) and other competitions.

Teachers of Svetlina Private Primary School are trained to use different educational methods according to the individual needs of pupils. Interaction with pupils is mainly based on the interdisciplinary approach, learning by doing, practical activities based on project-based activities, suggestopedic techniques, individual approach by differentiating educational tasks and choice of resources depending on the child’s needs, use of mindfulness practices contributing to mental and emotional health, bilingual approach, teamwork, mind maps and many other resources and holistic techniques that motivate students and create interest and love for learning.

The complex use of all these methods contributes to:

creating key competences related to self-study, self-organisation, independent decision-making

acquiring academic knowledge in more than one field

using the acquired knowledge and skills in real life

establishing causal relationships and enhancing knowledge with additional resources and information

motivating and developing curiosity

developing the left and right hemisphere of the brain simultaneously

developing emotional intelligence

developing social skills and a healthy lifestyle

At Svetlina Private Primary School, we provide the possibility to study additional foreign languages. German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic are most preferred by our families. If a family has their own preferences, we offer assistance and additional training opportunities.

At Svetlina Private Primary School, regular additional interest-based activities (extracurricular activities) create the ideal conditions for improving teamwork skills, self-esteem and perception of one's own body and spirit, as well as personal and academic skills. We strive to educate our students to love sports and we also aim to provide rich opportunities for various sports activities. Morning warm-ups, sports holidays and marathons, various types of portable educational games are an essential part of our program. The variety of extracurricular activities we offer are tailored to the needs and desires of every child. These activities take place within the time range provided for the interest clubs. 

Pupils may choose among:

Sports activities (football, martial arts, kangoo jumps, yoga)

Art activities

Music and dance activities (piano, guitar lessons, percussion instruments, modern dance) танци)

Performing arts




Sciences (mental arithmetic, competitive mathematics, robotics)

The school offers the possibility to request an all-day menu, including brunch (fresh fruits and vegetables), a lunch menu (soup, main dish, fruit) and a snack. We work in partnership with certified professionals to prepare healthy school food tailored to the needs of adolescents.

The school offers door-to-door transportation. It can be one-way or two-way transportation. We work in partnership with a licensed transport company that meets all the requirements for offering school transport.

Yes, our students wear uniforms made by our partners with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Uniforms of Svetlina Private Primary School fully correspond to the school spirit and comply with all standards and taste preferences both of adolescents and our youngest children.

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