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Children’s camps

Adventures, smiles and surprises combined with the acquisition of sustainable knowledge in various fields, fostering patriotism and pride in our heroic past and the extraordinary natural beauty of our homeland. The programs are suitable for kids and teenagers from the age of 3 to 15 years old. Continuous teaching in English and suggestopedic methods are applied outside the daycare in the kindergarten and the classroom in the school.

Образователна група Светлина
Образователна група Светлина

Surf camp

Образователна група Светлина

Scout camp

Образователна група Светлина

Science camp

Образователна група Светлина

History camp

Образователна група Светлина

Mountain camp

Образователна група Светлина
Summer school

Svetlina summer school is a kind of continuation of the policies of our educational institution beyond the school year. It is built in a modern way by integrating sensitive programs during which children have fun, learn about life, gain experience and learn a lot of new information, by developing their creative skills, abilities to communicate and express themselves. The summer school is our authorial program which we change every year in different aspects; thus, there is always something new in the daily routine of our children and pupils.

School for parents

Our children are the most important thing in the world! However, due to our ignorance of how to cope with a particular situation, we, parents, often make mistakes which we later regret. Can we be more helpful to our children and make the right decisions?

We tend to have so much knowledge and information on parenting but we lack will and pragmatism in our everyday life. In these situations, we need to talk and share or seek advice, support or an individual approach. Let’s not forget that every child is unique and it often happens that many pieces of useful advice and practices for a given family are rather unwelcome or useless for another one.


Образователна група Светлина
Образователна група Светлина

Svetlina School for Parents includes trainings, lectures, educational games, cognitive tests and practical activities on various topics which are often initiated by parents themselves. It will give you the opportunity to learn how to practically educate your child and cope with problematic situations in your child’s everyday life or just how to organise your busy week and achieve a balance and harmony between adults and children.

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