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Svetlina Education Group introduced holistic education, which places the child in the centre, in 1999. I created this group believing that the individual approach and conscious development of the 13 types of intelligence in children from an early age is key to creating self-worthy, successful and, above all, happy people. Our long years of experience showed us that this concept works. Parents, who are also our partners on the path of child development, find support and understanding in us. The good exchange in the relationship of children, teachers and parents builds a solid foundation for the future of the 21st century. and Magdalena Dimitrova, Executive Director


Executive Director
Magdalena Dimitrova
Executive Director
Anna Gumas
Headmaster of Private Primary School
Emiliya Eneva
Headmaster of Private Kindergarten
Margaret Georgieva
Deputy Headmaster of Private Kindergarten
Kristina Ognyanova
Deputy Headmaster of Private Primary School
Ivana Shikilieva
Financial Manager
Galina Dimitrova
Communication Manager of Private Kindergarten
Rositsa Parvanova
Communication Manager of Private Primary School
Ivona Todorova
Мениджър вътрешна комуникация и процеси
Боряна Пеева
Маркетинг мениджър
Martina Geleva
Офис Мениджър
Доменика Василова
Mениджър извънкласни дейности
Yana Mitrovska


We are proud to introduce you to our team who are the driving force of the development and success of Svetlina and consist of more than 100 educators and education experts trusted by more than 1000 families. Our goal has always been to create a highly motivated and cohesive team to meet and exceed our parents’ expectations. We try to build a team of specialists with different skills and interests who work together and to help them acquire new knowledge through the trainings we organise for them. We believe that it is the combination of knowledge of our specialists with the innovation and energy of Svetlina that is a prerequisite for our success today.
Primary School Team
Boyana Team
Ovcha Kupel Team
Vitosha Team
Lozenets Team
Lyulin Team

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