We establish an endless business model in education, in which every child is valuable to the world and we all work together to develop the child’s potential.


To be a sustainable educational systemfrom which the child will emerge as a happy and successful person and will preserve himself or herself and the planet Earth.



We are creating an environment in which the child develops with devoted and unconditional love – in this way we can unlock the potential of every child.


We are building a community of trust and support between children, parents, employees and like-minded people. We believe that the best results are achieved when the institution /the teachers/ and the parents cooperate and are all on the same track. 


We maintain harmonious relations and we don’t allow behavior that violates the dignity and rights of the individual. We tolerate communication based on respect and honesty for everyone in the community /children and grown-ups/.  


We welcome the self-awareness of everyone in the community that their own uniqueness is important for the overall development. We all are different in our own way and this is the wealth of the collective.

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