Частно основно иновативно училище

Частно основно училище „Светлина“ е билингвално училище с паралелно преподаване на български и английски език в часовете.
It is a member of the Cambridge Schools Association in Bulgaria and partners with Pedagooogia 3000 (Education 3000).
Svetlina School applies the most modern international educational methods and uses innovative teaching methods and techniques such as mind mapping, suggestopedia, mnemonics, holistic activities, etc. The goal of education is to develop creative people through integrative techniques and entirely in the spirit of positive psychology.
The additional activities that are organised such as kangoo jumps, capoeira, yoga, organic gardening, robotics, relaxing dances and activities are an accompanying and very important part of children’s overall development.

Образователна група Светлина


Education is fun! Food is health! Games are respected!
Sport is life! Art is a daily experience! Teachers are your friends! Parents are students! Children are partners!


The different school in which children DO NOT read their textbooks from morning till night!


The different school in which children learn while enjoying their childhood and developing not only their intellectual capacity, but also their social commitment and emotional comfort!


The different school in which rules and values are respected!


The different school in which it is important for teachers that children have not only learned their lessons, but also leave school stress free!


The different school in which children are trained to develop their strengths and be successful not only in learning!


With us children are loved, happy, healthy, educated, tolerant, independent!


Parents are calm, satisfied, have successful professional careers and are proud of their children.


Academic life


Sport as a way of life

Digital competences

Non-cognitive skills

(creativity, resilience, etc.)

Emotional intelligence


Integrated teaching of the educational content in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Technology and different types of arts combined under STEAM /Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math/. The combination of subjects which are essentially different in nature stimulates not only the easy perception of information, but also creativity, critical thinking and generalised perception of a material or an abstract unit.

The STEAM approach in modern education combines knowledge and methods which help us reach students in an easy and natural way. They help preserve children’s curiosity and interest in what is otherwise a complex content to learn. The learning content is presented by creative teaching models, along with the improvement of personal skills.

Образователна група Светлина

Interest clubs

One study day

07:30 AM – 08:20 AM

Reception of pupils

08:30 AM – 01:30 PM

Classes and breaks

09:55 AM – 10:25 AM

Delicious breakfast and a long break

01:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Hot lunch and free activities

02:00 PM – 03:45 PM

Pupils’ self-preparation

03:45 PM – 04:00 PM


04:00 PM – 04:50 PM

Interest clubs included in the curriculum

05:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Additional interest clubs outside the curriculum, outdoor games and saying goodbye to pupils

Healthy diet

Individual diet tailored to the requirements of the family or the pediatrician: in case of allergies, chronic diseases, etc.

Children eat three times a day:

  • Breakfast
  • Three-course lunch – soup, main dish, dessert
  • Snack

The food is nutritious and entirely tailored to the needs of the age and regulations of the Ministry of Health. Our goal is to provide a properly balanced and healthy diet for our children, including many seasonal fruits and vegetables. Getting used to healthy nutrition at an early age and good table manners are also some of our priorities.


Svetlina offers specialised door-to-door children’s transportation. It can be one-way or two-way transportation. This service is paid extra and is not included in the tuition fee.


Приемът в Частно основно училище „Светлина“ се осъществява целогодишно при свободни места в класовете. При липсата на свободни места оформяме списък на чакащи.

In case of interest in admission, we first have a meeting with the parents so that they can personally experience the atmosphere of our educational institution and the conditions in the facility and we can also introduce them to the policies and values of Svetlina.

In case of application for the enrolment of a pupil:
➢ In case of admission to 1st grade, there will be a trial day which includes a school readiness test
➢ In case of admission to 2nd to 7th grade, prospective pupils will sit exams in Bulgarian Language and Literature, Mathematics and English.
The next steps are the conclusion of a training contract and completion and provision of a set of registration documents by the parents, including a birth certificate, a health and prevention card, declarations supporting Svetlina Policies.
You can book a place in Svetlina by signing a training contract and paying a guarantee fee.

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    Образователна група Светлина

    Communication with parents

    Svetlina Private Primary School has a very well-developed system to provide feedback to parents in different ways.

    Oral feedback

    Provided every day by a communication manager on various current issues and there is also a possibility to consult teachers of different subjects.

    Individual meetings

    Opportunity to hold individual meetings with each teacher, as well as with a speech therapist, a psychologist, a communication manager and the school management. These meetings are held at a convenient day and time in case of interest expressed by parents in advance.

    Weekly/monthly student profile in European format

    Once a week or a month we send feedback on the child’s education and development which includes indicators such as mastering the learning material, independence in self-preparation classes, discipline during the day, activity, creativity, concentration and personal organisation.

    Electronic feedback

    Every parent receives a password to access their child’s personal profile. It contains a weekly food menu, photos from different events and experiences of the child, information about upcoming events and holidays of the group, as well as interesting facts and articles related to children’s education, health and upbringing.

    Every child is monitored throughout the year. Parents can have a personal meeting with a communication manager, a headmaster, or a manager three times a year who will summarise the available results from all specialists and teachers and receive a thorough feedback on all types of intelligence or hard skills /cognitive or academic skills and experience/ and soft skills /non-cognitive skills/. The meetings can also be held with the school psychologist.

    Open class days are organised once a year on which parents can optionally attend and directly observe the activities in the school. We promote positive relationships between parents and teachers. This is how we create the best positive environment for our children.

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