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    Steps to apply for admission to a nursery and a kindergarten

    Step 1

    Children are admitted to nurseries and kindergartens all year round if there are available places. You can apply for admission in one of the following ways:
    ➢ complete an online application form;
    ➢ call +359 895 560 647;
    ➢ submit a written request at:

    Step 2

    In case of available places in the relevant group, we will contact the parents and arrange a meeting in the location of their choice. The goal is to let parents experience the atmosphere of our educational institution personally and exchange thoughts, vision and values to be followed for the benefit of the future happiness and success of the child. Meetings can be also held online via a 3D walkthrough.

    Step 3

    The next step is the conclusion of an educational services contract and the provision of a set of documents by the parents including medical certificates, a birth certificate and declarations supporting Svetlina Policies.

    Step 4

    You can book a place by signing the educational services contract and paying an amount equivalent to one monthly fee.

    Immediately before the admission, parents receive an author’s fairy tale by Svetlina, which helps children socialise easily in advance, and a program for parents. It comprises opinions and recommendations from many specialists such as psychologists, educators, sociologists and parents for a better and smooth inclusion in the children’s group. 

    *If there are no places available, we make a waiting list.

    Ask for an appointment
    or just call us and talk to us!

    +359 895 560 647 Kindergarten Communication Manager
    +359 897 820 996 Primary School Communication Manager

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