Svetlina Education Group believes in the concept that children can be complete individuals only when a close-knit relationship is established in the “public triangle” of children, parents and teachers. The family unit creates the core of values which is then developed by the educational institution. Therefore, it is good that they should be in sync.
The values which the education group applies and develops are Love, Uniqueness, Harmony and Togetherness and are intertwined in every aspect of its activity.
They also lie at the heart of our partnership with parents on the path of aware parenting. This is why we established a system which helps us support families. All current and future parents can:
Watch videos for children and with their children from 0 to 6 years old on our video platform
Read various useful articles in our parent blog
Visit our School for Parents
It is Svetlina Education Group that paves the way for the application of innovative education which places the child in the centre. And our partners, in the person of parents, make it possible to develop a person with a sense of responsibility and self-worth who can master knowledge and skills of the 21st century with curiosity and ease.

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