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Individual care with lots of love and teaching of foreign languages to children from an early age.


Билингвално, интерактивно, екологичeн, творческо и чуждоезиково обучение на деца.

Primary School

We teach children to develop their strengths and be successful not only in their studies.

Образователна група „Светлина“.

About us

Svetlina Education Group was founded by Veselina Radkova in 1999. It is the first group in Bulgaria which applies holistic education practice.

Holistic care for children includes development of skills at 4 levels: physical, psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Svetlina Education Group is a member of the worldwide chain of schools “Education 3000” – new millennium education: the most successful educational systems around the world meeting the needs of the modern 21st century child. The group is also a member of the Cambridge Schools Association in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Private Schools.

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Why choose Svetlina?


Flexible working hours and upbringing and teaching approach according to the individual pace of development of the child and the value requirements of the family, all year round, with no vacations.


Bilingual education from nursery to secondary school age, a compulsory second foreign language from 5th grade and an optional third foreign language from preschool age.


An authorial educational program for the development of the 13 types of intelligence, a program for different types of sport, a financial education program following Robert Kiyosaki’s principles, an emotional intelligence development program following the principles of Daniel Goleman and Paul Ekman.


Applying different innovative education and teaching methods according to the new characteristics of the Generation Z and Generation Alpha children. You can rely on our cognitive team every day which consists of a psychologist, a speech therapist and a special teacher.


Educational system and rules of nutrition – rational nutrition and separate diet, vegetarian diet, nutrition for children with food allergies, nutrition for children with chronic diseases.

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Our advantages

Balanced environment that stimulates the child’s development

Individual approach to every child

Holistic and bilingual education including English language from 1 to 19 years

Training in digital competences

Activities of social significance

Possibilities for talent development; unlocking every child’s potential

Practicing unpopular sports and arts

Active meditation space, mindfulness program

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