Why You Should Choose Us

  • We have very flexible working hours, and we educate according to the individual intellectual capabilities the child has, and we carefully follow up his/her level of understanding as we, at the same time comply with requirements of the parents throughout the whole academic year. We also offer a chance, the child to remain in school even up to later hours in the evening.
  • We have a working team with educators and specialists – Americans (English Native Speakers), teachers  who are already authors of textbooks and training programs, teachers in art – from the National Art Academy , the National Academy of Music, the Theater Academy,  sports coaches from National Sports Academy, a speech therapist, psychologist,  and a nurse.
  • We offer physical presence of a psychologist in the daily life of children at nursery age, later in daycare and classroom too..
  • System of etiquette education and nutrition - rational and separate eating, vegetarianism, nutrition in allergic children, feeding of children with chronic diseases and others on special diet.
  • Parallel learning two languages ​​from morning to evening, right from nursery age.
  • Second and third foreign language from infancy.
  • Application of different combinatorial and innovative methods of training and education according to the most latest discoveries so far about the brain of the generations of children -Z and Alpha (i.e. children born after 2013).
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for the detection of 13 kinds of intelligence.
  • Scandinavian model of work in training and communicating with children.
  • Original training program in various sports, a program of financial education by Robert Kiyosaki, and a program to foster emotional intelligence based on Goleman.

The private educational complex "Svetlina" was founded in 1999 by Vesselina Radkova, and it is licensed as an educational institution by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria. \

"SVETLINA" is a member of the worldwide chain of Schools  called "Education 3000" - education of the new millennium for the integration of the most successful educational systems from around the world, and hence meets the needs of the modern child of the 21st century.

Private Education Complex “Svetlina” is also proud to be a prominent member of the "Association of Cambridge Schools in Bulgaria".

More than 1000 families have trusted "Svetlina" over the years in various levels of education.

The motto of "Svetlina" is "Happy child today, Successful person tomorrow". Let us, together with parents, prepare children for the future, which will have a huge surplus of information, lack of time and tremendous competition between man, "machinery" and technology.



Founder and owner

Vesselina Radkova
+359 898 666 530
Operations manager

Magdalena Dimitrova
+359 895 746 732

Office Manager

+359 895 524 343
For information on admission in the kindergartens:

Communication manager
Rositsa Parvanova
+359 895 560 647

For information on admission in the Primary school:

Communicaiton Manager
Petya Djambova
+359 897 820 996

Director of Private Primary School Svetlina
Emiliya Eneva
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